Kathryn has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science and Geography, with a Masters of Education specialising in Environmental Education from Rhodes University. She has significant experience in writing, photography, basic graphic design and video editing.

Kathryn's key skill is being able to research information using reliable research methodologies, taking complicated information and transforming it into a user friendly format that is easy to understand and to read. Additionally, her project design, implementation and management skills have been well-honed, and are supported by extremely strong reporting and presentation skills.

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Kathryn's MA Thesis:

Kathryn's MA thesis was focussed on understanding underlying enabling and constraining factors in the lives of people who receive training in the Expanded Public Works Programmes. It also explored how how these factors can translate into the various outcomes seen in training, in particular training that is aligned to the accredited training requirements of the National Qualifications Framework. If you would like to delve into this thesis, you can download it here.

What Kathryn's MA really taught her (apart from dogged tenacity) was that assumptions are deeply entrenched within all people and that taking a long hard look at one's beliefs and world view is crucially important before starting any kind of research. There is a world that is seen, a reality that is experienced, and an underbelly of influences that are barely known and this is different for every person on the planet. Without acknowledging this and designing research in a way that caters for these levels of engaging with the world, research is simply surface and not all that meaningful.

How does this link to health and nutrition?

This links to Kathryn's interest in understanding the underlying causal factors that result in health impacts (both positive and negative) that can be observed in South African society today. Understanding barriers to good health, in particular the unseen and intangible barriers, is like sprinkling them with magic paint powder - they become visible and tangible! This can set up society for dismantling barriers or navigating them to ultimately improve the health of the individual, the family and the general population.

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