Gypsum (Food Grade) (100g)

Gypsum (Food Grade) (100g)

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Foodgrade gypsum (calcium sulphate) is one the three main types of powdered coagulants used in making tofu. See our info on coagulation products and methods here. You can also use acid based coagulants like rice vinegar and lemon juice, but they all create slightly different types of tofu in terms of taste ane texture.


100g of gypsum should deliver +- 6 to 8 blocks (350g per block) of tofu, depending on the type of bean and the temperature you choose to coagulate the soy milk at.


*Please note, the jar in the image is for product display purposes only. Gypsum is packaged and delivered in a plastic zip lock bag. We recommend storing gypsum in an air tight and waterpoof container.


    Foodgrade gypsum (calcium sulphate)


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