Edamame Soy Bean

Edamame Soy Bean

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Non-GMO and Organic Edamame Soy Beans


Most people know edamame as the delicious little green pods served in Asian restaurants - but did you know they make excellent tofu too? They make a more firm type of tofu with a slightly off-white colour. Excellent for making tofu-kebabs for the braai, tofu bacon, shredded or grated tofu.


*Please note, the jar in the image is for product display purposes only. Beans are packaged and delivered in basic brown bags. We recommend storing beans in an air tight container.


    Non-GMO Edamame Soy Beans


    While we try our utmost to source good quality beans, there may be a couple of beans per kg that are not so hot. That's pretty normal. When it comes to non-GMO organic beans you're more likely to find many uniquely shaped beans, clods of dirt, foliage and other bits and bobs from the fields. However, if your beans are seriously not cool - please send us a picture or video of the beans and explanation of what you're not happy with - and we'll be more than willing to replace your beans.


    Shipping takes between 3 and 5 days from the time of sending using road freight. We will send a tracking number for you to follow your parcel. If you require urgent overnight shipping, please contact us directly for a quote - kath@fullsome.co.za

100 Grams