One of the wonderful things about working in health and wellness is meeting so many different people who fill the niches that form a holistic picture of health! On the FULLsome platform, we aim to offer diving boards into different areas of health and wellness so that FULLsome followers can further their own health journeys with different approaches and methodologies.


Click through the below health and wellness professionals to read more about what they do and how they have found synergy with what FULLsome does!

Faye Scott - Dietician

In 2021, Faye has partnered with Kath of FULLsome to develop plant-based eating plans for clients wanting to transition to vegetarian, vegan or simply more sustainable diets, and they both have an interest in working with athletes in supporting their eating patterns for optimal performance, balanced with overall wellbeing. They both prefer a holistic approach, as there is no ‘one size fits all’ in terms of food and performance.

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Jacqui Meyer
Women's Burn Out Coach

Jacqui Meyer is an incredible Women's Burn Out Coach. Having suffered from acute adrenal fatigue working in a hectic corporate environment for 17 years, Jacqui learned how to look after herself holistically, and took that knowledge to a new level formally studying coaching, yoga and various other therapeutic activities. In 2021, Kath worked with Jacqui and mutual fiends and colleagues Carol Segal and Kat Calverly to develop the Eat, Breathe, Love retreat, where Jacqui's skills have been invaluable.

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Carol Segal
Yoga and Breath Coach

Carol Segal is certified yoga and breathe teacher from the KZN Midlands. Carol is well known for her positive, strong and energetic yoga classes as well as her training in breathing. Carol believes that breathing better results in being better - and there is a lot more behind breathing than one may imagine (on a physiological and emotional level). Carol is an integral part of the Eat Breathe Love retreats, setting the tone with her amazing yoga classes - the space she holds is always powerful  no matter your level of yoga experience.

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Kat Calverley
Wildflower Adventures

Kat Calverley started Wildflower Adventures to service women who need time for themselves where they can just a zero pressure environment. After Kat's own challenges in life, she realised the importance of creating opportunities like all female fishing clinics, yoga weekends, art weekends, plant based cooking, art therapy, trail running - you name it, Kat will organise it. She is an absolute shining star in the skies of so many people, and in 2021, Kath worked with Kat, Jacqui and Carol to develop the Eat, Breathe, Love retreat run at Zingela Safari & River Co. 

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