Making Tofu at Home - Part 1: Soy Mylk

In this video we start the process of making tofu from scratch, going into the *details* of making soy mylk.


We talk about the difference between Edamame soy beans and Glycine Max soy beans, soaking times and what to use to strain your soy mylk. The video includes loads of tips and tricks (mostly learned from my own mistakes) - so if you have 9 minutes to invest in watching it you may save yourself quite a bit of hassle.


Top Tip: When you start making soy mylk and tofu, stick to small quantities (a 240ml cup of dried beans) so that it doesn't become laborious. 1 cup of dried beans will get you about 1,5 litres of soy mylk or a +- 300 - 340g block of tofu if you go to Part 2.

Making Tofu at Home - Part 2: Tofu!

In this video we go into a detailed looked at how to take soy mylk through to tofu using gypsum as the coagulant.


A lot of attention is given to the way in which to add the coagulant to the mylk in two (or sometimes even three) steps, as well as using heat to encourage coagulation.


We also have a look at the FULLsome Tofu Puzzle Box which is used in the video as the tofu press.